Smartifier Platform

Smartifier has developed a set of hardware reference modules and cloud platform for connected sensor-based products. The sensor module reference implementations can be integrated into everyday products, and are a basis for developing custom sensor modules for different types of goods.

This presentation gives an overview:


Reference Implementations

Motion Sensor (embedded into sports and fitness products):

3D accelerometer, gyrometer, magnetometer, optional force pressure sensors, Bluetooth Smart

Activity Sensor (for wearable devices with subtle vibration feedback):

3D accelerometer & temperature sensors, vibra feedback, Bluetooth Smart

Environment Sensor (powerful indoor and outdoor environment and air quality sensing product):

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Light, Sound sensors, Bluetooth Smart


Smart beacon with optional 3D accelerometer, magnetometer and gyrometer features for use beyond traditional beacon use cases. Apple iBeacon technology, Google Eddystone or other beacon formats.


Middleware Framework for Mobile Applications

Our Javascript middleware framework for iOS and Android is based on Apache Cordova.


Cloud Service

Sensor data collection


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